Collections and Galleries


Ashmolean Museum

City of Stoke on Trent Museum

Gmunden Museum, Austria

Museum Internationale della Ceramica, Faenza, Italy

Maison de la Ceramique, Samedet, France

Adolph Egner Private Collection

Deutches Keramikmuseum Dusseldorf



Iona House Gallery, Woodstock

Contemporary Ceramics, London

Contemporary Applied Arts, London

Gallery St Ives, Tokyo, Japan

Montpellier Gallery, Stratford on Avon

Primavera Gallery, Cambridge

The Wykeham Gallery, Stocksbridge

Marine House Gallery, Beer, Devon

Bevere Gallery, Worcestershire

St Ives Ceramics

Gallery Zozimus, Dublin


Ceramic Review Feature Issue 293

Sept/Oct 2018

Nue Keramiek  Issue 4/2016

Klei Magazine Cover and Feature March 18

Featured in World of Interiors April 2015

Ceramic Review Feature Issue 205

La Revue de Ceramique et Verre Issue 139

The Basics of Throwing Dave Cohen (A&C Black)

Lustre Greg Daly (A&C Black)

Troubleshooting for Potters Jaqui Atkin

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