New Directions

In recent years, I have made bodies of work either using translucent white porcelain or coloured porcelain, mainly black. But I was not able to work in both mediums simultaneously as my small studio would not allow for this and would lead to cross contamination. I love the different qualities the different bodies bring to my work so when I moved to a large studio in 2019, it meant I had room for separate, dedicated spaces and this has given me more freedom to further develop my work.

I have been exploring a more graphic style of surface decoration and, as always, I have been enjoying playing with and re-arranging colours, lines and shapes to create what I hope, is work which is surprising, playful and provocative.  

The move to new studio which is on a working dairy farm in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands has also allowed me to work in a more sustainable way. The power for the barn is generated by a combination of solar panels, wind turbine and bio-mass fuels.